Thursday, January 05, 2012

Christmas 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas this year, just like always.  We didn't travel, which was nice and enjoyed our own traditions with our own little family.  Santa Claus and Grandparents were very generous bringing some heart's desires and some unexpected surprises.

Opening new pajamas on Christmas Eve.

 Posing in said 'jamas before heading to bed in anticipation of Santa.

Christmas morning.  Isaac asked Santa for a big teddy bear and, well...

Caleb and his hot wheels race track.  He was/is in love!

Opening stockings before church.  "Hey, what did you get?"

"Candy and toys, what about you?"

On the way to church we paused for a few photos.  They're pretty handsome little boys if I do say so myself.

Home from church and finally opening presents.

 Isaac happily posed with every gift.

 And there were many.  He loves his new piggy bank.

Caleb never stopped moving.

 So many presents, so little time.

He was a very happy boy!

Me and my boys.  They got me exactly what I wanted.

 The adults sometimes get lost in the shuffle, but watching the kids go crazy with joy is what Christmas morning is all about.  

It was a glorious day, really.  Going to church before diving into the presents was especially nice and somehow much more relaxing than the usual flurry of shredding paper and ripping open packages.

Merry Christmas one and all! 


Lauren in GA said...

The boys look dashing in those handsome little vests. I agree with you completely...they are very handsome!


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