Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ghouling Around

It seems every blog I read these days is teeming with fun Halloween decor ideas.  I love Halloween, but since we are so transient and I don't have a permanent space to decorate, I have never managed to acquire any real decorations for this holiday...or any other, for that matter, except for Christmas.  I don't really like the creepy stuff, but smiling pumpkins and friendly ghosts are right up my alley.  Inspired most recently by this spider web and this garland, and especially this wreath, I decided we had to have something to honor this season.

So in between studying today I threw this together: 

I had all the materials (white and black ribbon, facial tissue, cotton balls, wreathe form, and a black marker) on hand, or, let's be real, this would not have even been attempted.  I made some modifications to the one I saw online and used a wire hanger instead of an actual wreath form and white ribbon to affix the ghouls instead of tape.  Because I used the hanger, it took a little while to figure out the best configuration for the little ghouls, but I am pleased with how it turned out, especially since it took very little time or skill to construct. 

This is probably the sum total of our Halloween inspired decor for this year -- too many papers to write and essays to read and presentations to give -- but it's more than we had and I made it all by my-not so crafty-self.

Happy Halloween


Rain in My Head said...

I think it's fabulous!! Nice work for a supposedly uncrafty lady ;). Hope you guys are well!!

Lauren in GA said...

That is darling! I like yours better than the link. It looks more uniform.

Becky said...

Very cute! You always say you aren't crafty and then you come up with such cool stuff. Good luck with school!

Caroline C. Bingham said...

DUDE! You should come to my other blog and use my printables. You print them, cut them out, and BAM, you're decorated.

(Sorry for the shameless plug.)

diane said...

I'm impressed with the cuteness. Like you I, like a happy not spooky Halloween.

robin marie said...

that is such a cute idea!


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