Saturday, October 15, 2011


Since our first foray into the wonderful world of cheese, we have since had two more rounds of new cheese sampling.  In addition to our first three varieties, we have now tasted:

Blue Cheese

Goat Cheese




Pepper Jack

Apart from the Blue Cheese, which Caleb did not like in the least (that's my boy!), the new varieties were received very well.  In terms of favorites, Kenny was on the fence between Manchego and Edam; Gouda still reigns supreme for me; Caleb selected Edam as his favorite; and Isaac was torn between Blue Cheese and Goat Cheese, but ultimately decided that he liked the Goat Cheese slightly more. 

One of the best aspects of this process has been selecting the different cheeses.  Apparently, there is a whole world of cheese out there I haven't even come close to experiencing, I had no idea.  Each time we head to the specialty cheese section, I find myself overcome with anticipation and excitement.  I have spent a ridiculous amount of time perusing websites devoted to cheese like this and this (despite having absolutely no time for such inane pursuits).  And, earlier this week I saw an ad for a free Wisconsin cheese guide and I ordered it, I couldn't help myself.  I am a little sad that I am pregnant right now and not able to eat soft cheese.  As I type, there is a gorgeous wedge of Brie in my refrigerator on deck for the next "new cheese night" and knowing I can't have any breaks my heart just a little.  But, I am 3 months from the promised land and then there will be Brie and Sushi and Club Sandwiches and all the other things I never eat when I am not pregnant, but crave endlessly when I am.

The boys are indescribably enthusiastic about all this cheese and we will likely keep this up until that wanes or we make ourselves sick.  I am determined my children will be adventurous eaters who will try anything (within reason of course, I will not force them to eat scorpion kebabs or dog livers in China, unless they want to) at least once.  Polite eating is a skill, and that doesn't mean just knowing which is the correct fork for each course.  Thanks to the efforts of my mother, there is almost nothing I won't or can't eat and that has served me well as we have traveled the world and was especially useful while I was working.  I cannot count the number of times I sat down at a dinner or breakfast meeting and found myself presented with an unexpected or undesired entree.  It would have been rude not to partake and even when served cantaloupe, which I detest, I happily ate, just like my mother taught me.


Lauren in GA said...

I bought a small block of Muenster yesterday and thought of you. ☺

Well, sadly, you have an excuse to stay away from cantaloupe now. I saw them on sale for practically nothing yesterday and I thought, dare I?

Mibi and Lee said...

I love fave way to eat it is on a a piece of crunchy frnech bread, a layer of fresh fruit marmalade or preserves and a thin slice of brie...YUM!!!! Too bad I cant eat jam or bread right now so you and I will be sad together;)


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