Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mini-Break Day 3

Last stop on our weekend adventure and the final piece of America's historic triangle was Colonial Williamsburg.  In the brochure they recommend visiting for several days because it is impossible to see everything.  It is true that there is tons to see, but it is also the case that not everything is open every day and that many of the sites can only be viewed as part of a guided tour.  During high season I can imagine it would be nearly impossible to see even a fraction of the open venues.  But, this was not high season and though we were somewhat hampered by our little people, and the fact that much of Colonial Williamsburg is not geared to their age group, we saw A WHOLE LOT.  Both Kenny and I had been before, but didn't remember much of it and really enjoyed our visit.  It was a wonderful end to a jam-packed weekend of fun.
 The Presbyterian meetinghouse.

 The flag before Ireland became part of the UK and necessitated the additional stripes.

 The Capitol.

 The Gaol (jail).

 Duke of Gloucester Street.

 Two boys.

The bindery.

 A moment with horses Agamemnon and Persepolis.

The silversmith.

 The wigmaker.

 The cabinetmaker.

 The printing press.

The milliner.

 The obligatory stockade photo.

The shoemaker who makes shoes, not to be confused with the cobbler who fixes them.

The magazine.
 The apothecary.

 The blacksmith.

 The weaver.
 The court house.

 The Governor's Palace exterior, 


 and gardens.
Spring has arrived in Colonial Williamsburg.

The flowers

were blooming



Hooray for living close to so many exciting places and having the time and means to enjoy them.


Short 'n' Feisty said...

Thanks for the photos! I'm an FSO hopeful and a recent William and Mary graduate. Hopefully your trip will be a premonition for my two worlds colliding!

Lauren in GA said...

I know I occasionly whine about how your posts make me miss my homeland of Virginia...but I can't help it. These posts are bringing back to mind a lot of school field trips and summer vacations. My grandparents used to come from NYC and take us all over Virginia to see the sights every summer. I LOVE WILLIAMSBURG!

Unknown said...

I have a stockade phot too :) So fun to share Colonial Williamsbug with your boys!


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