Thursday, March 24, 2011

FHE Ethiopian Style

For Family Home Evening this week (remember, we're LDS) we cashed in a Groupon from a very generous friend who couldn't use it 
and took the boys out for Ethiopian food. 

It was a first for them and they LOVED it. 

We talked the waitress into letting us order food for 3 people instead of 4, arguing that combined Caleb and Isaac are just one person. 

Next time we'll order enough for 4.  They acted like it was their first meal in days and ate everything in sight.  Their favorites?  
The lamb, the drumsticks, and the lentils.   

The weather was perfect so we walked around Adams Morgan for a little while after dinner with the goal of going to one of our favorite 
(from the past) ice cream joints.     

Sadly, it wasn't there anymore.  So, we punted with Mickey Ds because in my experience it's just not FHE without dessert.

Am I right or am I right?


Lauren in GA said...

So true. FHE simply must include dessert.

Annemarie said...

You are right, and my kids get mad if the treat doesn't happen...I get a little cranky, too.

I love that you introduced them to Ethiopian food. I love it even more that they loved it!

Becky said...

Tell me Maggie Moo's isn't closed!?

Unknown said...

I remember eating at an ethopian place in Adams Morgan - yum! Yes, FHE MUST include a treat - and you can't beat the $1 cones at the Golden Arches!

AnnEE said...

I need your email address!

K. Crisler said...

So, I almost jumped for joy when I gave Grafton some broccoli this week and he LOVED it. But Ethopian food? I guess my kids still have a long way to go. Dang it!

Bryn said...

If we have FHE without dessert, my kids say it doesn't count and we have to do another one. :)

calibosmom said...

You guys do the coolest stuff!


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