Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Man I Love

The man I love turned 34 today.
If you are lucky enough to have met him, then you know that loving him is easy, a whole lot easier than loving me, in fact.
He is charming, unassuming, brilliant, generous, REALLY well-read, and a spectacular father.  He's a lot of other things too, but the reasons why I love him are too numerous to list, so here is just a sampling.  34 actually, in honor of his special day.

This is the only picture taken this year of just him -- he is never very far away from his little shadows
 1.  He never gets mad, never (okay, except at bad drivers, and even then, they have to be exceptionally bad to merit his ire)
2. He always does bath time because 1) he likes it and 2) he knows I don't
3. He is a great trip-planner, I pack, he plans the itinerary -- it's a great system and we have seen a lot of the world that way
4. He pays the bills and manages our investments, taxes, expenses, etc.
5. He was more excited than anyone, including me, about my going to grad school
6. He never needs a break from our kids
7.  He has never met anyone he couldn't talk to
8. My grandmother, who was kind of particular, really liked him
9. He reads the newspaper (2 actually) every day and tells me the highlights or sends me the links to stories that he knows will interest me

10.  He cooks, all the time, and his food is delicious, especially his lasagne
11. He makes the bed, EVERY DAY!
12. He does the housework, so I can study
13. He makes sugar cookies for Christmas and Halloween
14. He loves traditions and makes sure we keep them
15. He spends all of our disposable income, and then some, on books for the boys
16. He reads voraciously
17. He doesn't snore
18. He loves my cooking and puts up with the fact that most of what I make cannot be duplicated (I generally don't use recipes)
19. He loves live theatre almost as much as I do

20. He knows everything, seriously, he does
21. He is patient, oh, so unbelievably patient
22. He is an adventurous eater, I think the only thing
I've never seen him eat are raisins
23. He never fails to follow through
24. He lets me volunteer him for stuff and then he happily does it
25. He enjoys spending time with my Dad
26.  He loves classical music and can usually identify the piece,
or at least the composer
27. He believes in second chances
28. He is a loyal friend -- our Christmas card list is teeming with
every friend he has ever made
29. He is a big sports fan, but recognizes that people and relationships are more important -- he has never missed an event because the "big game" was on

30. He loves God
31. He believes it is possible to have theater quality sound in your living room, 
and we do
32.  He is man enough to carry the diaper bag, or even my purse
33. He gives great gifts
34.  He loves his family and our family and me

For these reasons, and so many more, I love this man.

Happy Birthday, Kenny. 


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Kenny!!! That was very sweet Linsey:)

The Songer said...

Love the list.. especially 13 & 17!

K. Crisler said...

Happy Birthday Kenny!

Chaotic By Our Design said...

What a great post! I love my brother as well! Happy Birthday Kenny!

The Doughracle said...

Great list - Happy Birthday Kenny!!

Jessica said...

That is a guy I would get along with...any foreign service opportunities in the Inland NW?

Mibi and Lee said... I LOVE HIM!!! LOL Seriously though, I love this post and am going to do something similar for Lee for Christmas:)


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