Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Caleb and I had a long discussion the other day about his upcoming birthday, ahem, in January. He will be turning 5 and he has been thinking about that moment for months, probably, in fact, since his last birthday. We have been talking about how we will celebrate and how it will be different from his last birthday party, which we celebrated in Caracas.

For example, this time around there will be no face-painting:

We will have to make do with Mommy and Daddy leading the games and pass on hiring party wranglers to run the show:

We will likely not have a bouncy house:

And certainly we won't have two bouncy houses:

We will probably not be renting a party room:

The cotton candy machine will definitely be unavailable when he turns five:

As will the popcorn machine:

And finally, a pinata does not seem likely:

We will, however, have delicious food and yummy birthday cake:

Not one:
But, two very happy birthday boys (Isaac also has a January birthday):
And, presents to open and love, new friends to celebrate with, and memories to last a lifetime:

Okay, so not this many presents, but one or two at least.


Rain in My Head said...

Or you can take it to Chuck E. Cheese and let them deal with the entertainment and clean up :). That was my indulgence this year.

Lane said...

WHAT? No bouncy houses!?! Poor boys - everyone is going through the ups and downs of living the states!
~ Lane

Lauren in GA said...

It will be different than Caracas...but you are is going to be just as happy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Linsey,
I have your blog posted on this week's Round Up! Have a great weekend!

Thanks for your submission!


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