Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We Love Washington, DC, #3

I visited the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial for the first time shortly after it opened in 1997. Of the major monuments to Presidents of the United States in Washington, DC, it is my favorite. The memorial is divided into 4 sections, each corresponding to a different term of office in FDR's presidency. Each section has a water feature of some sort used by the memorial's designer to depict important moments in each term and the increasing turmoil of the country at that time. During the nearly 12 years that FDR was president, the United States experienced some of the most dramatic changes this country has ever seen, those too are represented in the sculptures built alongside the water. I have always loved this monument for it's accessibility. Caleb and Isaac were entranced by the water and wanted nothing more than to throw barrels of coins in the pools and follow them in head first. There are signs everywhere stating that coins damage fountains, so we fought the urge to toss some in, but the boys did get a little wet, despite our best efforts.

dangerously close to the falls

Posing with Eleanor...


...and the unemployment line.

a rare family group shot
thank you random stranger for offering to capture us en masse


treen said...

What an awesome family shot! I think you just got your Christmas card photo for the year.

Anonymous said...

I can tell that your updates are going to be bittersweet for me, now that you're in DC again. Makes me miss EVERYTHING (even things I never went to before)!!

Cassidy said...

What a fantastic family picture. You all look great.

Lauren in GA said...

I love the family picture. Thank you nice stranger.

I love your writing. I don't think I have ever used the phrase, "en masse"...I am going to use it now, I like it.


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