Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sick, again.

I know they don't look sick, but they are. Especially Isaac. For weeks now he has had all manner of yuckiness flowing out of every orifice imaginable. It's gross, he's gross. I feel terrible saying that about my own child, or I should feel terrible, shouldn't I? But, really, it is...GROSS.

We went to the doctor today, for Isaac anyway, Caleb's really not sick enough to warrant a doctor visit. That's my mother's influence coming out right there. If it's not bleeding (too much) or falling off, if you're still ambulatory and talking, you really don't need a doctor, right? That approach worked for me and my siblings just fine so, why not?

It was our first time at this Pediatrician's office, and it was GREAT. 20 doctors in one practice, what? We didn't even have time to fill out the forms before being whisked away to an exam room. It took longer to park, than to see a doctor -- a lot longer. To be fair, I could have paid $17 for the parking garage and we would have dispensed with that part of our morning in mere minutes, but I was too, um, frugal to do that, so we circled the block once or twice.

We got a flu shot and H1N1 too. So, apart from the fact that Isaac has been treated for this same ailment more times than I would like to think about, he is now totally inoculated against the winter nasties. Okay, so I'm not that naive, but with any luck he'll at least avoid the flu.

The hardest part of this whole ordeal, and by the time we were done it could only be described as an ordeal, was getting the prescription filled. Come on CVS, 1.5 hours for ear drops and antibiotics?!?!?! By the time we were done Isaac was sobbing from exhaustion. The problem with having miracle sleepers (and I do recognize that they are miraculous in this), is that when the sleep gong strikes, they must obey or meltdown stage is inevitable. Poor guy, he fought it, but he wasn't strong enough and eventually was forced to throw himself down on the floor at CVS and fall apart. Luckily, there were all sorts of people paying attention to his tantrum so I was able to ignore it and finish my transaction. It's always nice when strangers lend a hand like that.


Annemarie said...

Oh, the kindness of strangers...will it ever cease? You kill me!

Sorry you guys have had the sickies.

stephanie said...

I really can relate.. I just love those public temper tantrums. I also love it when I get tisk tisked fromed strangers who obviously know it is my lack of good mothering skills that caused the tantrum.
I hope you all get over the yucky sicknesses. NO fun!

treen said...

Strangers lending a hand by paying attention to the tantrum - HA HA HA! That was definitely my genuine laugh-out-loud for the day. I was just reading the Free Range Kids blog last night about meddling strangers who feel compelled to critique the parenting skills of someone they've never even seen before. Argh.

And yes, even when it's your own child, sicknesses that cause fluids to flow are gross. There's no two ways about it. Glad things went well with the pediatrician, though!

Lauren in GA said...

You are funny, Linsey.

Strangers bug me to no end.


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