Saturday, October 11, 2008

Summer in the States

Our present is in chaos so here is a photo montage from our past, otherwise known as "How we spent the rest of our Summer vacation."
This summer we, Caleb and Isaac, spent a lot of time like this;

became acquainted with our new cousin Jacob,

our even newer cousin Sloane,

and our newest cousin Taylor;

picnicked in Provo Canyon on the 24th of July;

threw rocks in Provo River and

Payson Lakes;

rode the ponies (well, Caleb anyway),

milked a cow (not in this picture,
but Caleb did get some milk from her),

and weighed in at Thanksgiving Point;

went to the National Zoo with our friend Nancy
(and her parents) and saw:


and gorillas,

and pandas, OH MY!;

ate and ate and ate at all of our favorite places in UT and DC;

saw an incredible exhibit of Afghan art at the National Gallery of Art

and played in the fountains outside;

and, took a break every once in awhile.


Maren said...

I love all the photos! So so fun! :)

Sandi said...

I was jealous when I saw the pictures in Provo Canyon. Some of my best memories are there with Gramp and Granner

CStubits said...

Mmm, Ben's Chili Bowl. Did you hear they expanded? Although next time you are in DC, you have to go to Founding Farmers. It's new, at the IMF and fabulous.

Can't wait to see pics from your new place!

diane said...

Wow, you packed a lot into your trip.
I love the fountain pictures.

Jenibelle said...

My hairdresser is from Caracas!! I can barely understand what she is saying so I just go by faith, so far so good!!My husband reminded me that we went there once for a day while we were on a cruise. It was Columbus day and the entire city was closed, so we went to the beach with the other 2 million people for the holiday!!!

the wrath of khandrea said...

i'm a little confused as to why a cow is being milked on a tile floor.

lis said...

Beautiful pic of you and Isaac!
And my GOODness, Caleb looks so grown up!!!
I second the can't wait to see your abode!!!

Annie said...

Great photos. I think we were in Provo Canyon just a week or so after you!

Hope things become less chaotic :)

Lauren in GA said...

Such a great summer!

That picture of all of you by the fountain is really cool!

Great pictues!!

Smiths said...

Summers are the best for wearing out the kids... so much fun outdoors. You are so great about taking advantage of museums and local attactions- a true inspiration to moms everywhere.

stephanie said...

Sounds like you had a good time! Kenny, I found your blog through Heather's. It is so nice to see how you are doing. I hope you don't feel violated with me getting all up in your blog. Landan says "Hi" and "man you are looking hot." Well, peace out and stuff.


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