Friday, October 31, 2008

Necessity = Invention

On Wednesday, the Embassy had a Halloween Party. In the morning before Caleb went to school I pulled out his costume (a doctor ensemble I got from K-Mart on sale, my first mistake) just to make sure it was in working order for that afternoon and was HORRIFIED to discover the pants/scrub bottoms were 5 inches too short. He looked ridiculous, RIDICULOUS and the costume was totally unacceptable. At that moment I could either sacrifice a sheet and turn him into a ghost or bust out the sewing machine I inherited from a friend and make some replacement pants. Now, I haven't sewn anything in nearly 5 years and even then it wasn't something to wear. Plus, I didn't even know if the sewing machine was functioning (which it barely is, by the way, and is now going to be replaced), much less if I was going to be able to chew this enormous chunk I was planning to bite off. I don't sew, not really. My Mom does, and well. But, I was always too busy to learn and have lamented that more than once in my life.

Luckily, I had the following things going for me:

1) before moving overseas the first time I stocked up on all manner of things I thought we'd have trouble finding outside of the US including bits of fabric and notions (so I had sufficent cloth, thread and elastic available)

2) I was raised by a mother who never said "I can't do that" she just started doing it and somehow the volcano or cupcakes shaped like trolls or halloween costume came together

3) my cousin Dana has her own site dedicated to all the adorable and successful sewing projects she produces and had provided an excellent tutorial for making pants in addition to lots of references to how "easy" pants can be -- especially if you don't need to put in a fly

4) I'm cheap and buying an acceptable replacement would have cost more than I was prepared to pay

And so, after a few hours and several long minutes wrestling with the cuffs, we went from this:
(seriously, on what planet does size 3T/4T translate into a length of 15 inches?)

to this:

to this:

to this:

I used the original pants to make the cuffs so they would match the top of the outfit
(there was no way I was going to be able to make a shirt) and working with
100% polyester almost did me in


Sandi said...

Linsey, I am totally impressed

teresa and the boys said...

Color me impressed. Dana is an inspiration to us all.

Paige said...

I am impressed but how are those doctor pants? I'm going to need a picture of the whole ensemble.

Hazen5 said...

You are a very resourceful girl! SO Proud!!

Cassidy said...

Nice work. But I agree with Paige -- we need a picture of the whole outfit (on Caleb, of course). What was Isaac?

Ilene said...

I bow down to your ingenuity and ambition. My sewing machine does not function without my mother in town.

At least that is what I tell her.

Lauren in GA said...

I am totally impressed! Yay, for you...I probably would have had a little Doctor that looked like there had been a flood so he had to wear some high-waters.

Adrianne said...

That machine has produced at least 8 million halloween costumes, I'm glad it could pull through with one more!

dana said...

Um, again...seriously? Awesome! I told you they were easy! They look better than my first pair of pants EVER did.
Excellent work!

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