Saturday, August 30, 2008

Comfort Food

We are teaching Caleb to sleep in a real bed (i.e. not a crib). This has been difficult because for the last three weeks before arriving in Caracas, he refused to sleep anywhere but practically on top of me. But, there was not a crib option for him in Caracas and so the time came for him and us to make our move.
the bed - thank you to Grandeur for the fun, perfect for Caleb, quilt

The first few nights were rough, and though he eventually did sleep in his own bed - he was not alone. And, for those of you who don't know or don't remember, sleeping in a twin bed with an, even whilst asleep, unstoppable two year-old is not exactly restful. The next night was better, after multiple stories and songs and various food items he eventually fell asleep alone and stayed that way all night. The next night better still with fewer stories and songs, no food and no tortured sleep for his by now exhausted parents. And then, 2 nights ago we lost all our momentum. The night started well - Caleb fell asleep almost immediately after just a few lullabies. We sat in our room and watched Bill Clinton and Joe Biden wow the Democratic Convention with their recycled rhetoric and familiar gesticulations, marveling at the fact that for the first time in months both our children were asleep in their own beds and not anywhere near us. Then, just as the balloons were falling and the confetti flying we heard a loud crash and an even louder wail - Caleb had fallen out of bed onto our very hard, uncarpeted, solid wood floors. I dashed to his room and found him lying prone in the middle of the floor staring up at the ceiling crying like his heart and possibly body were broken. I scooped him up and after several minutes got him to quiet down while Kenny dutifully pushed the twin beds in his room together. He was tired, that was clear. But, more than that, he was not interested in going back to his bed where he told me multiple times "Not this bed, I fall down, hurt." So I began to bribe him back offering him anything he wanted to coax him to return and give in to his fatigue. After shaking his head no to everything he finally looked at me as said, "I need chicken!" Not just any chicken, what he wanted was this:

pollo a la brasa, basically roasted chicken and a standard dish in Peru available in every grocery store, restaurant and home at a moment's notice. Of course I know he loves this chicken, we ate it often in Peru and no one more happily than Caleb. But, we've been in Venezula now for just a week and I don't know if they have pollo a la brasa and I start thinking that I can probably distract him from "needing" chicken tonight, but what about the next time his little heart is aching for something comforting. Sure, I long for peach pie, but I'm a grown-up, I can reason myself out of doing something desperate (read throwing a tantrum) if I don't get it. But, Caleb, he's 2 and not exactly a rational being. And, if they don't have this here, then what, I make it myself? Cooking whole chickens, roasted or otherwise, isn't something I'm very familiar with.

This is bad, very, very bad.

Suddenly a glimmer of hope. I remember Saturday afternoons plopped in front of the tv wishing there was something to watch. I think of my college all-nighters before cable was king and 24 hour news the norm. A vision pops into my head of this man -

you know who he is, you've seen him too, probably hundreds of times, disbelieving you are actually watching him hawk his latest invention, but secretly tempted to pick up the phone and "CALL NOW!"

And then a second image appears and I realize that for just 4 easy payments of $39.95 (plus shipping and handling) salvation the size of a toaster oven will be ours. I'll let you know how it works after we roast our first chicken.


dana said...

haha. nice! I'm glad you found a somewhat sensible solution for everyone. I'm amazed at how demanding children can be. And just when I tell myself that I'M going to win, NOT them.....they demand something in the middle of the night when all I want is to give-in so we can all go back to sleep. I feel your pain.
Good luck with the bed situation! Lucy's fallen out of hers too onto the hard-wood floor. Of course the distance from toddler bed to floor is only 3 inches. Not too bad. I'm sure you know this but you can buy those attachable toddler guard rails for beds at babies r us or amazon.
Glad you're getting settled in your new environment!

Hollyween said...

That's hilarious that he woke up and wanted chicken!!! Levi loves the rotisserie chickens from Costco and calls them 'chicken skin' chickens. I'm sure it's not nearly as good as Peru, but they ARE good.

I hope you get him back in his bed. Keep trying.

Heather said...

Nice State Department issued bed! I hear that they are all the rage these days. Sebastian is clamoring for one of his very own...

How's Venezuela? -Heather

Kristy said...

I'm sorry but I am laughing SOOOOO hard. I hope your chicken roaster will be everything you hope it will be!

Adrianne said...

You are such a SUCKER!!! Until what age can we claim the "i'm not a rational being thus must be given what I want" card?? Can I still use it?? And cooking chicken in the oven is just about the EASIEST meal in the world. Call me when you get your skype up and I'll tell you how. And remind me what being a sucker is all about when my kid is 5, still doesn't say anything and drinks from a bottle...and I'll expect to eat chicken when we come to visit!

robin marie said...

you are so cool! i can't wait for the post all about you and your pollo a la brasa!!! caleb will be one happy camper.

Jake said...

My kids all claim to hate chicken. Who hates chicken?!!! Isn't every bad food supposed to "taste like chicken"??

Tell Caleb to come over...I have lotsa leftovers.

Cassidy said...

My brother and I once convinced our mom to buy Ron Popeil's food dehydrator after being sucked in by the infomercial very late at night. I think we used it twice. But, on the other hand, I love my Magic Bullet. And you know that Noah Wyle (aka Dr. Carter from when ER was still good) loves infomercials and frequently orders items (or at least did at one point). Point is, you're in good company. Hope it works.

The Doughracle said...

Hi Linsey, got your msg, and yes green bowls are still available - I actually liked them so much I decided to keep them! but no problem for me to get another pair exactly the same for you. Instead of relisting them on the blog, why don't you just donate straight to the Nie recovery fund, and then email me a copy of the receipt from that and I'll send the bowls out. Would that be ok?
Thanks! Nicola

p.s. can't wait for some roast chicken when we finally make it over there, and good luck with the cot to bed transition!! :)

Heather said...

Ok-I totally have one and I can give you all the tips and recipes too...

You will love it. It does tend to make the house a little stanky though.


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