Monday, May 12, 2008

The Mom I Want To Be

My Mom and Caleb - August 2006

40 years ago my parents met in their college choir. My Father says of my Mother that "I heard her before I saw her." Once you hear my Mom sing, this is easy to understand. And, though I can't remember, I'm certain that I too heard her before I saw her. She sings all the time, always has. And, since her voice is beautiful, no, other-worldly, this is a welcome trait and one of an innumerable collection that make her the woman/mother/person/mortal I would like to be and try to emulate the most.

Me and my Mom in 1985

I like to think that I have always felt this way about my Mom and while it is true that I didn't go through much teenage rebellion, I can definitely point to a few times when she was not my favorite person. However, upon reaching adulthood and certainly once I became a mother myself, I could not begin to imagine my life without her compassion, example, advice, influence, grace, charity, generosity, humor, intelligence, grace, thoughtfulness, creativity, support, love, etc., etc., etc., etc...

My Mom and Caleb - January 2006

On this Mother's Day I am grateful for my Mom because she has taught me:

* there is a difference between being smart and being wise
* try it before you decide you don't like it
* it is foolish to go it (anything) alone if you don't have to
* if I want to know what to serve for a dinner party, how to get my baby to sleep, what takes wax out of silk, who won the Battle of the Bulge, she will have the answer
* it is not possible to read too much
* good manners never go out of style

My Mom, me and her grandmother in 1977

* traditions are still traditions even if you skip a year
* your pantry must always be equipped to handle unexpected dinner guests
* expiration dates are suggestions, very loose suggestions
* you may not be able to have it all, but you can come close and close is darn good
* true love is unconditional
* nothing but people are irreplaceable
* don't just read about somewhere or something, if possible go see and do for yourself
* travel with your own pillow

My Mom and Isaac - February 2008

* there is no such thing as too late/old to start something new
* service is necessary
* some things cannot be fixed and coming to terms with that is critical
* not all women love to shop
* treat your children like the individual personalities they are
* "because I'm the Mom, that's why" is an acceptable response
* after school treats are essential
* be kind, always

and so much more.

Happy Mother's Day to my favorite mother.


Lilita said...

Didn't he also say, "who's the girl with the dirty hair?" I love you, too, Mom!!

Mickell Gehret said...

That was so sweet. Your mom was always so kind and I certainly remember her beautiful voice!

Jana and BJ said...

I remember your mom's beautiful voice, her long pretty hair and those pictures from 1985 like they were just yesterday. That was a lovely tribute to your mom! Hi Sister Crisler!

Jake said...

I am loving all these mother posts today! Thank you...she sounds like a great lady!

Jenibelle said...

My sweet mom couldn't hold a tune in a bucket, but her garden was sure spectacular! Love this post, I envy all of you, makes me wish I had appreciated my mom more while she was still here~ Those boys are adorable!

Lauren in GA said...

Thank you for this inspiring post...I want to be more like her, too:)

dana said...

Perfect tribute. I think my favorite lesson learned is Expiration Dates.
Love the pictures of you and your mom. Real cute.

Grayson Family said...

I love your mom too. I wish she were my mom. Do you think she would notice one more at family functions? You're right, she would notice but wouldn't care. That's why we love her.

Adrianne said...

I great hommage, and I'm glad that she raised you so well so that you could be a great example to me! You truly exemplify her teachings. Miss you!

Heather said...

That was a great post. Loved reading it and now I HAVE to meet your mom somehow. She sounds divine. I know from how well you always talked of her (while you and I lived in the same city and actually talked on the phone) of your adoration of her. Lovely post.


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