Friday, February 08, 2008

Isaac, Isaac, Isaac

By the time Caleb was 2 weeks old, we were already in the market for a new memory card for the camera to accommodate the volume of pictures we were taking of him. Really, I think every time Caleb took a breath we took a photo. As a result we have literally thousands of pictures of Caleb, many that should be deleted (and of course haven't been - I mean, he is our first born after all) but instead are just taking up memory on our hard drive.

Despite my vow not to fail Isaac in the picture department, we are already WAY behind. I attribute this to the following, 1) Isaac is a much better nurser than Caleb ever was which is good, but bad in that I am seldom in a position to take pictures of him that do not also involve more of myself than I would like to display, 2) Our other child who needs and deserves attention as well and can speak so he is much harder to ignore than he once was, 3) We have had a newborn before and realize that every breath is not as exciting as we once thought and thus wait for the perfect moment before breaking out the camera (note, newborns in general though wonderful are not exactly exciting so the "perfect moments" are fleeting), 4) Taking pictures adds to my guilt about being a blogging slacker - I'm working on this not being a reason for no pictures because I would be embarrassed to admit this to Isaac in the future. So, today's post is all photos of Isaac, our second born, but no less important, new baby.

Eyes open: not a common occurrence.

Yes, Caleb is encroaching on Isaac's post, but I suspect this will be typical
of the future so why not get used to it now?

Ahhhh, finally satisfied and ready for his close-up.

This is the other side of the BYU quilt from above. My mom made this for us to
represent our University years - it is usually on the U of U side because
the other is more than Kenny can bear. I see future conflicts over this blanket.

A rare moment on the floor. He spends very little time on the floor
for fear of being "loved" to death by his older brother.

Other than eating, his favorite occupation and mine too, come to think of it.


robin marie said...

i love love love that byu/uofu blanket! such a cute idea! and isaac is such a sweet little baby!

Ilene said...

I'm glad you have a limit to how much you show of yourself and your little one. I used to work with Poli Sci graduate students at the Univ. of Oregon. I asked to see a picture of one of the student's new baby. He sent me a picture of his naked wife in the bathtub with the baby. That's what you get when you deal with hippieville Eugene.

Anonymous said...

Here's what you do with that blanket. You turn it to the BYU side when you're changing his diaper, in case of any little accidents, and then you turn it to the U of U side for the photo shoots!

Jessica said...

I totally remember (after number 2) leaving Emma in one room and walking upstairs to see newborn Gabe and going, "OH! THERE'S another one I love!" It's so fun. Oh, and also hard. 2 was my worst transition of all. Hope it's going well for you!

Trickie said...

You know, every time I see pictures of Caleb I can't help but thinking how much he looks like Kenny. Uncanny in some ways.

Hollyween said...

Two is hard, but it does get better. I'm dying over the blanket! How creative is that!

He is so so so cute!! I already want another baby.

Jake said...

I agree with Jessica...going from one to two was hard for me. Especially because mine were close like yours.

He is a beeeeeautiful boy! Oh man...looking at newborn photos makes me start breathing heavy. I miss my babies.

Don't feel guilty about blogging, photos, or anything you're not doing. That baby will grow up soon. Enjoy.

Adrianne said...

I can't belive the BYU side ofthe blanket was allowed to be exposed long enough for the photo to happen. Kenny must be back in Peru...

Caro said...

Congratulations Linsey, Kenny, and Caleb! And Welcome to the World Isaac!!!!

Isaac is BEAUTIFUL...just perfect! He resembles Caleb a lot, no?

Linsey ~ finally got your blog coordinates from Kenny!! Un besito a Caleb and Isaac!

Kristy said...

Well, he is just TOO precious. I love that your mom made a BYU/Utah blanket for you guys and I hope you are managing to get some rest these days. I bet Kenny is just hating being away from the 3 of you.


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