Saturday, December 29, 2007

M is for My Favorite Things About Not Being in Peru

Obviously we have been on hiatus from the blog, but not for nothing. Caleb and I left Peru about 2 weeks ago for the long trip to Utah. Though it ended up being a fairly easy journey when all was said and done, the beginning did not bode well for that as Caleb started throwing up more than I thought it was possible for a 25 pound body to do while we sat in the airport waiting for our plane. Thankfully Kenny was with us and able to help with clean-up and cuddling and calming. My change of clothes came in handy as did Caleb's and we sent the vomit drenched articles home with Kenny to be disposed of appropriately. Luckily once we got on the plane and settled Caleb went right to sleep and slept for most of the 6 hour flight to Atlanta - though not always in his own seat and for far too much time on my lap which wasn't all that comfortable since baby #2 is taking more and more lap space with each passing second.

The layover in Atlanta was the worst since I was exhausted and Caleb was raring to go. We waited forever in the customs line and then went to get our luggage for rechecking. I found a nice skycap to help us even though I couldn't tip him since I was only carrying Peruvian currency at that point. Security was a nightmare as TSA types and other passengers stared at me oozing impatience and anger as I removed mine and Caleb's shoes (never know what might be hiding in a 1 year-olds' Robeez), dismantled the stroller and carseat to send through the x-ray machine, placed his jacket and my jacket and his water bottle in the loose items bucket, put our two small (but necessary) carry-ons on the conveyor belt and then put everything back together again on the other side. I suppose someone could have offered assistance, but that would have been TOO easy. Anyway, we made it through our second flight without incident and arrived in bitterly cold Utah (20 degrees when we landed) tired but happy to be done traveling for awhile. Can't wait until our return trip with a 6 week baby along for the ride!

Okay, on to my favorite things:

About a year ago, Caleb's doctor told us he might have a very rare heart defect and that we would need to wait until he was a bit older the verify this one way or the other. So, one of our first errands in the US of A was Primary Children's Medical Center to see a Pediatric Cardiologist. After his initial consultation he is fairly certain Caleb is just fine, but we have scheduled an echo-cardiogram for after the first of the year to make certain. A fantastic children's hospital with amazingly qualified and helpful doctors just minutes from my parent's house tops my list of favorite things!

My guys: Caleb and Kenny (Okay, so Kenny is still in Peru, but he is always a favorite thing)

Caleb's first take-home art project - we are so proud of his "obvious" artistic abilities

Endless canned tomato products - a real luxury in Peru

Snowsuits - Poor Caleb is in shock from the cold


Christmas morning and footed, themed pajamas

Cool Whip - 'nuff said

dollar movies - we took Caleb to his first full length feature and he sat through the whole thing very happily

Of course the list of things that I am loving is so much longer than this, but if I didn't cut it somewhere this hiatus would become permanent. Hooray for the USA!


Hollyween said...

Isn't Primary Childrens the greatest??! Glad you made it to Utah! I really admire you for doing that being so far along in your pregnancy and dealing with a barfing child all at the same time. HOW HORRIBLE!!!

I got your gift and LOVED IT! I'll blog about it soon!

Ilene said...

Movies 8! I had some great dates at Movies 8. And some not so great dates. It should be put on Provo's historic landmarks list.

Celia Fae said...

Thank you for the grocery store photos. You are a true blogger.

So you will be there until after you deliver? When is that, exactly? And when does your husband join you?

Jessica said...

Thanks for the update. I hope you guys are having a great time!

Ellie said...

I love that you took pictures of the frozen food section so you can look at it longingly when you're back in Peru.

Mindy said...

i cannot believe nobody offered to help in the airport! i mean c'mon, didn't they remember that president kimball helped a pregnant mommy and small child out in an airport. glad you are enchanted with the grocery store and the pics look great. happy christmas and keeping my fingers crossed that caleb's heart is A-okay!

Paige said...

sorry to copy my sis, but really the pics of the grocery store spoke to me that you are a true true blogger. Yay you get to have your baby here!

Kathleen said...

Well, I've just discovered your blog and you've gone to the US. I just returned from there and am back to my little apartment in Lima. How's that for timing? Will you be returning to Lima?

Heather said...

You're back! Well, in a manner of speaking. Have been faithfully checking the blog almost every day and bugging Kenny about it too.

Miss you both!


P.S. Eat some Cool Whip for me!


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