Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Spending the last few years in Washington, DC, we have become used to blow-out Independence Day Celebrations. This year was our first 4th of July not on American soil and it was, frankly, a bit of a bust. The Ambassador threw a big shin-dig at the residence for various muckety mucks (which included Kenny, but not me or Caleb) so even though it was technically a holiday we didn't get any family time until late, late, late afternoon. We joined some of our American friends for hamburgers, hot dogs, seven layer dip, homemade raspberry ice cream and homemade rootbeer. There are no fireworks to be had in Peru so we improvised with balloons and a box of sparklers. It certainly wasn't "A Capitol Fourth" but it was a good reminder of why we are proud to be American and all of the wonderful blessings and benefits we enjoy.

too cold to go outside so we lit our sparklers inside
hoping the marble floors were flame-retardant enough

Caleb loved the sparklers but was none too thrilled at not
being allowed to hold them himself

God Bless America!


Nate and Sina said...

Seriously, when did you get back on line.

Our fourth was even less intriguing. Nate had the VIP action to which he wore his seer sucker suit (in his defense it was a New Orleans Cajun theme). Families were invited to eat leftovers that evening (I am not kidding about that) But opted to have dinner in a medieval town called Senlis in a ancient wine cellar built in the 12th century...not really American, but beautiful.

robin marie said...

holy cow you are on a roll!!! i love love LOVE all the updates! and your little man is growing so quickly! what a cutie pie!

Paige said...

Why can't he hold them? It's a childhood rite of passage to remember the first time you were burned by sparklers? Maybe next year.


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