Sunday, April 01, 2012

Look Who's Talking, etc.

Here is Claire in all her goo goo, ga ga glory.

 Warning, there is a very select audience which will actually appreciate the following.  However, in my not so objective opinion it's pretty cute, so even if you wouldn't normally click "Play" do it anyway, just for kicks. 


Claire has been putting herself to sleep these days, HUZZAH!  Here she is napping on her playmat after an exhausting session of batting, kicking and staring at the (i.e. her) face in the overhead mirror.

 On her way to la la land.  It would appear that she, like her brothers, is going to be a finger/thumb sucker.  We tried to get her hooked on the pacifier, but she spit it out in favor of her thumb.  Having had to break one child so far of this habit, we wish she would take the pacifier.  On the other hand, it is really nice to have self-soother in the middle of the night.

And, speaking of brothers, here they are enjoying this year's beautiful, albeit very early, crop of cherry blossoms.


OnCallMom said...

Cute little girl! Tell Kenny to keep up the daddy/daughter talk--that's awesome! :)

Rain in My Head said...

okay, that is adorable!! Love the back and forth between daddy and daughter. xoxo

Nomads By Nature said...

Fabulous conversation moment captured ~truly a heart melter! She will definitely be a daddy's girl with loving attention like that.

llcall said...

Oh yeah, I see a daddy's girl in the making! I've got one on my hands over here too (but I was one myself so I guess it's only fair).

Lauren in GA said...

That, "talking" is scrumptious. I love he asked her, "Does your mommy know you did that? We won't tell her."

She was just talking up a storm. So darling.

Ah, the cherry blossoms. I miss that part of the world. *sigh*

Mibi and Lee said...

SUPER cute video Lins...your little princess is getting so BIG! So excited for you to be graduated soon. So proud of you!


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