Thursday, February 02, 2012

Animals Stuffed

Isaac is obsessed with stuffed animals.  He actually calls them animals stuffed because sometimes he uses Spanish language construction when speaking English.  It's cute, the language part, not the obsession.  His bed is full of these furry friends and very soon there will be no space left for him.  He is very particular about which of his animals stuffed live on the bed and which stay in the storage bin.  I'm confident if asked he could explain the method behind this madness, but I haven't asked.  

I shouldn't be surprised by his penchant for collecting stuffed animals since many of them were actually mine once upon a time.  I say "once" because he frequently reminds me that I have now given them to him.  I don't remember doing that, but since I don't play with them or sleep with them and they all live in his room I can see how he arrived at that conclusion.  And, really, they couldn't be more loved.  He has names for all of them and plays with most of them, too.  I never really played with them, in fact, most of my stuffed animals are souvenirs from places I traveled as a teenager and young adult.  

Sadly, Isaac is soon going to discover that all these stuffed animals cannot come with us the next time we move.  I have no idea how we will decide which get left behind, or worse, perish the thought, given away.  But we just can't take them all -- there are far too many and space is at a premium.  I have no doubt this reality is going to cause serious trauma.  Hopefully it will be short-lived with no permanent damage.

For his birthday, Grandeur and Grandest sent him a new addition to his collection.  He has named this latest acquisition "Soda."  ???  Yeah, we're not sure where the name comes from either, but it has stuck and he is in love.

I have a feeling Soda will be moving to China with us no matter what.


Lauren in GA said...

Well, Soda is quite the addition to the collection!

Good luck with the selection process.


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