Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Please Sir, I Want S'Mores

Once upon a time a young, newly married couple walked through a Washington, DC, Linens 'n Things and spied, as if in a dream, a S'mores Maker! It was truly a moment of Kismet, because like all newly married couples, this couple believed not a single appliance or kitchen accoutrement existed that they did not own. This was not their first romp through stores of this ilk, but this time they were pleasantly surprised to find one more thing to squeeze into their minuscule, yet cozy first apartment. Completely wrapped up in the moment, the young couple thought of other young couples they knew and purchased, not one, but four of the serendipitous and totally superfluous apparatuses. The couple gave away three as gifts and carefully found a place for the fourth in their increasingly cramped living space where it was promptly forgotten.

Once upon a time a not quite as young couple had a baby, moved to Peru and were visited by their parents/in-laws. Their father/father in-law walked into their kitchen and in a vaguely familiar ah-ha moment said "A S'mores Maker, really? Can you actually make s'mores with that." The young couple looked at each other and thought, who knows, we certainly don't, never having used it or many of the other boxed items stored on the same impossible to reach shelf in our kitchen. The next day, one half of the young couple went to a local grocery store in search of graham crackers, Hershey bars and marshmallows (miracle of miracles, they all exist in Peru). That night the young couple, their parents/in-laws and the aforementioned baby roasted marshmallows (conveniently designed with a flat bottom, perfect for s'mores) in their dining room and had their fill of honest to goodness American campfire fun. The moral of the story is, impulse buys are always a good idea.

Caleb wasn't interested in the s'mores, just the chocolate which he ate like a piece of corn on the cob


Paige said...

Reminds me of that cafe in Washington DC where they served smores! I'm glad you are feeding all of your cravings. Your baby girl will like it.

robin marie said...

LOVE IT! maybe you could open your very own Cosi in Peru... what do you think? Although I do think this appliance is about as funny as a the quesadilla makers we've been seeing on people's registries lately! PLEASE tell me you don't have one of those!!!

Nate and Sina said...

Ruby is calling Caleb puppy whenever she sees his picture. I think it is a term of endearment. I mean, she really does love her puppy.

Jessica said...

Fun post. You are a very good writer, BTW.


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