Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Easter at the Embassy

The Embassy hosted a massive Easter Egg Hunt for all children under 11. They divided the children into 3 groups (0-3, 4-7 & 8-11) and let them loose on over 1300 plastic, candy-filled eggs. In the 0-3 division the "Hunt" was more of a "sit down in the middle of several brightly colored objects my parents keep calling eggs and very carefully NOT put them in the thing they keep thrusting in my face and referring to as an easter basket." As you'll see from the pictures, Caleb was very much committed to the second definition. The Easter Bunny came as well and there was face painting and a trampoline and other diversions for all ages (including a huge delivery of Dunkin Donuts). Caleb seemed to enjoy himself and we certainly enjoyed the candy he collected. We had an Easter celebration of our own as well, but our camera, after being coaxed along for the last 4 months, finally died and so there are no pictures from that occasion. Not to worry, our new camera is en route and all will soon be right with our universe. Please note, we tried to get a picture of Caleb hunting for eggs and looking at the camera, but he was so overcome by all the egg-citement we simply could not break his focus.


robin marie said...

man! i thought i had commented already. linsey you totally captured exactly how i felt at machu picchu! i am so glad you guys enjoyed it so much! which states do you have left to visit??


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