Thursday, February 01, 2007

Fun In A Box

Move over Rody, there's a new toy in town. That's right, an empty cardboard box has replaced, though probably temporarily, the rubber horse/llama. We got some diapers in the mail and left the box on the floor for Caleb to discover...he cannot get enough! The maid keeps trying to throw it away and just gives me blank stares each time I explain that it is now one of Caleb's toys. And this time I'm certain the trouble with her understanding me is not a language problem, she is just totally perplexed as to why we would want an empty box around when he has sooooo many other toys. I think the pictures below leave no doubt as to the answer to that question. (Finally, for those who are wondering, yes, that is America's Next Top Model on the tv in the background, even with just four channels in English, there is still plenty of reality tv to satisfy our (read my) needs.)


robin marie said...

i just got back from my cousin's house in utah and their kids LOVE the big boxes their new couch was delivered in... they cut out windows and doors and wrote "NASA" on it... so maybe caleb will be happy with a box for a while!

Natalie C. said...

Those pictures of your box baby are SO cute! And I can't believe your trip to Lunahuana. It's been YEARS (probably before I got married) since I had fun/adventure/entertainment/a real vacation like that!! I'm jealous. Keep blogging your adventures so I can live vicariously! :)


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