Thursday, September 21, 2006

The House

Our first night in Lima we walked around our house several times taking in the size and newness of it all. Coming from a one-bedroom apartment (well sort of since we took over much of George and Teresa's space) to a 4 bedroom house with formal living and dining rooms and a maid's quarters, not to mention the foyer was a bit surreal. And, since nothing in the house belongs to us, we feel a little displaced, but I'm sure that will change when our things start arriving and we get settled in.

Foyer - Behind the Spanish gates is the Dining Room and working fireplace

There is wood and marble everywhere, but very little carpet so it is not the most baby friendly environment. The family room/additional guest bedroom (because if one is good then 2 or 3 is definitely better) is carpeted as is the third guest room which has now become Caleb's room. As much as I love hardwood, I don't want him taking a nosedive onto hard floors before our area rugs arrive. In reality, there is nothing under the carpeting that even remotely suggests padding, but we are working with what we have, thus Caleb will stay put. And, as Kenny has mentioned a few times in jest (though perhaps not...?) it is just mere coincidence that this room is on the opposite side of the house from the master bedroom. As a result, Caleb has gone from rooming with us to being as far away from us as possible. Luckily the marble, wood, lack of furnishings and 14 foot ceilings mean the entire house is one massive echo chamber eliminating any need for a baby monitor.

Caleb's room and bathroom to the left (yes, he has his own bathroom)

The antique mirror in the foyer is a nice touch left here by the landlord since he didn't have anywhere else to put it and didn't want to put it in storage. The mirror is easily 5 feet high and several feet wide and occupies a wall that we certainly couldn't have filled with anything in our current collection of decorative items so it is just as well that he didn't take it with him.

Isn't it lovely?

The kitchen is HUGE and apart from the WHITE flooring (it always looks dirty) very nice.

Kitchen - luckily the quality of this photo obscures the everpresent dirt on the floor

We have a small yard, with several plants and a working fountain. We will need to employ a gardener eventually as my plant skills are not what I'd like them to be (okay, I really have no desire to cultivate plant skills, and what I do have is pretty pathetic and the plants really shouldn't suffer) though all the time I spent "watching" Teresa in the yard is helping for the moment as so far we have managed to keep everything alive.

The Yard (or at least part of it and obviously not the part with the fountain)

We are very happy with our new home and expect that we will continue to be so over the course of our 2 or so years in Lima. At present, besides our things that are currently in Miami waiting for a ride to Lima, all we lack is visitors. I'd include a picture of the guest bedroom to entice you, but I'm afraid it might have the opposite effect since our other bed is in Miami too...but make your plans now and perhaps you and the bed will arrive at the same time?!


Christian said...

Let us know who your real estate agent is -- we're moving in next door!

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Seriously! Sign me up for Peru! Our ultra white kitchen floors weren't clean when we moved in, nor have them been clean since! With a house like that who needs paint!! Two hours of language a day, another point of jealousy. So, can we agree never to mention the just might be too much for me to handle!!

Unknown said...

Kenny! I like the new digs. You've earned it! Everything looks great for you. Here in FL, the life is not bad. I live and teach a block from the ocean. It is good for surfing and to be closer to my family. Perhaps we could buy a motorbike and retrace the epic journey of Che Guevara...j/k. Keep up the news and I'll read your blog.


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